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Around Le Havre

Le Jardin Japonaisjardin japonais le havre
Garden dedicated to the twinning between Le Havre and Osaka. The land of the rising sun is expressed symbolically in the rich planting which changes with the seasons.

Jardin Japonais du Grand Port Maritime
Quai Lamandé Face au Bassin Vauban - 76067 LE HAVRE
Tél : 02 32 74 71 32



Les Jardins suspendus
This exceptional 40-acre site overlooks the bay of the Seine and offers commanding views of the port and the sea. Once through the monumental gateway, you walk round the top of the ramparts and find the four bastions, each dedicated to the discoveries of famous plant hunters. The specialist glasshouses are crammed with treasures: scented and aromatic plants, species from every country, orchids, begonias, succulents…

Les Jardins suspendus
Rue du Fort - 76600 LE HAVRE
Tél : 08 00 35 10 11


Le château et Parc d'Orcherchateau orcher le havre
Overlooking the Seine, the park has kept its very French structure, with broad avenues of beech trees which offer woodland walks and views over the estuary.

Château d'Orcher
Tél : 02 35 45 45 91



Rouen and proximity

La Roseraie
A vast rose garden, almost 6 hectares, is now opened. Inspired by the English gardens, one thousand varieties and species of rosebushes associated to perennials were arranged in a free way, giving an impression of lightness and dynamism.

La Roseraie 
Tél : 02 35 68 93 00

Le Jardin des plantes
Enjoy the rich seasonal display and the remarkable botanic collections, both under glass and in open beds, in this 20-acre park. Throughout the year garden-lovers can appreciate the ever changing spectacle of rare or particularly decorative trees and shrubs, the iris and hemerocallis garden, the rose garden and the beds devoted to useful plants. In the glasshouses, they will find a luxuriant range of exotic flora, including coffee bean trees, bananas, sugar cane, orchids, bromeliads and the famous giant water-lilies, Victoria cruziana or amazonica. The visit ends with the heritage orchard and the national fuchsia collection.

Le Jardin des Plantes
114 Ter Av des Martyrs de la Résistance - 76100 ROUEN
Tél : 02 35 08 87 45

Le Jardin d'Angéliquejardin angelique rouen
Amateur gardeners Gloria and Yves Lebellegard created this garden in 1989 in memory of their elder daughter Angélique. Since her husband’s death, Gloria has continued the task with the help of her daughter Claire… Yves loved roses: today, the garden contains over 2000 different varieties. Gloria studied fine arts in Spain, and approaches designing the beds like an artist in front of a canvas, looking for perfect colour balance and control. The XVIIth century mansion looks down on two gardens each created from scratch: one dreamy, romantic, where grassy paths wind between beds rich in subtle colours; and one Italianate, with box-edged beds of perennials and ornamental grasses, punctuated by yew topiary.

Le Jardin d'Angélique 
Route de Lyons
Tél : 02 35 79 08 12



Dieppe and proximity

Le Parc du Chateau de Miromesnilchateau de miromesnil
A splendid 25 acre beech grove shelters the 17th century castle and a chapel with lovely 18th century décoration. The rooms of the castle contain memories of the Miromesnil family and of Guy de Maupassant, who was born there on August 5th 1850. A 250 year old cedar tree dominates the park and the famous traditional kitchen garden, that still provides the family all year long with fresh vegetables and ticwers. The strict order of the rows of vegetables contrasts with the profusion of the flowered borders.

Château de Miromesnil 
Tél : 02 35 85 02 80


Garden Vasterival
Self-taught gardener, Princess Sturdza acclimatized in this cool valley and sheltered more than 10,000 species and varieties of plants, the most common to rare to form a decoration "beautiful all year round and in all directions."

Jardin de Vasterival 
Allée Albert Roussel - 76119 Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer

Garden of Bois des Moutiersbois des moutiers
The park has an area of ​​12 hectares was planted entirely by Guillaume Mallet in a direction toward the sea valleuse The exceptional soil acid nature, in the Pays de Caux, allowed the introduction of many rare species, in total contrast with the local vegetation.

Bois des Moutiers 
Route de l'Eglise
76119 Varengeville sur Mer


Le Jardin Shamrock
The national collection of hortensias & hydrangeas brings together more than 1200 named varieties (species and cultivars). SHAMROCK possesses the greatest collection of hortensias in the world, and tells their story from the exploits of the great plant hunters in Asia, Latin America etc to the development of cultivas by the nurserymen of FRance, Switzerland, Britain, The Netherlands and Japan amongst others, over more than 100 years. The collection is shown off in a sublime setting that will delight garden-lovers, artists and photographers. Children will love to follow the twists of the ssy paths in search of the 'green dragon", and adults will enjoy admiring the hydrangeas from one of the many benches in the cool shade of the tall Paulownias.

Jardin Shamrock
Route du Manoir d'Ango
Tél : 02 35 85 14 64

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