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Relaxation, leisure and trips on the Opale Coast

Sand sculptures
From Saturday 26 May to Friday 31 August
Seafront - Le Touquet
Sand sculptures on the theme of  “Ancient Egypt and the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun”.


A unique encounter between Man and Sea. A major European venue for learning about the Sea and the vital links that connect it to Man.
Centre national de la mer Boulevard Sainte Beuve
Tel.: +33 3 21 30 99 99 or +33 3 21 30 98 98


In an exotic setting under a glass pyramid, the air temperature is 27° and the water temperature is 29° all year round. Choose between giant waterslides, the ‘Magic River’, 500 m2 wave pools, bubbling baths, the Kids Lagoon, the Galleon Spa,  the Twister and the Black Hole.
Boulevard de la Mer
Tel.: +33 3 21 90 07 07


Bagatelle is the perfect example of a Northern French festival. It takes place on 2 days – 1 July and 1 August. Between the sea and the countryside, its over 44 family attractions mean that there is always something for everyone.
RD 940
Tel.: +33 3 21 89 09 91


Canche Bay
480 species of plant and many animals (including deer, rabbits and thousands of birds, including the common shelduck, the emblem of the Bay) live in harmony with each other in the Canche Bay Nature Reserve.


The dunes of Authie Bay
These narrow dunes, which can reach 150 m in height, are situated to the south of Berck-sur-Mer and represent the former sand barrier at the edge of the Arche Estuary, which has now been filled in. The area is wild and shaped by erosion by the tide currents from the northern part of the Authie Estuary.


The dunes of Ecault
Maintained by the French National Forestry Office, the Bécasse Trail traces its route across windswept cliffs and dunes before winding through poplars and fragrant pine trees. The trail starts by following the Warenne stream, before rising to the peak of a dune from which the former Becque Estuary can be seen.


Gris-Nez, Cap Frontière
Together with Blanc-Nez, Gris-Nez forms the major listed national site of Deux Caps. On the border between the English Channel and the North Sea, this 150 million-year-old cliff is the crossing point for a lot of boats. It is also a favourite migratory spot for birds. The site itself is truly beautiful.

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