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La Côte d'Opale


Boulogne sur Mer

From the Roman naval base to the seaside resort, the history of Boulogne-sur-Mer is closely linked to neighboring England ...
From the walled city to the seafront, the city displays its monumental and urban heritage, witness to 2000 years of history ...
Capital of the Côte d’Opale, where the horizon stumbles against the white cliffs of England, the City of the Sea lives to the rhythm of festivals, events and traditions born from its natural and historical heritage ...

To see

La Cathédrale Notre Dame
Eclectic work of the XIXth century, the Cathedral of Boulogne was rebuilt on the ruins of the old Romanesque and Gothic building destroyed under the Directoire. Its dome and dome make Notre - Dame de Boulogne a colossal monument which dominates the city. The interior conceals precious pieces of furniture, of which the high altar is a masterpiece of Italian mosaic.

Le Château Comtal
Built in the 13th century by Philippe Hurepel, the castle is housed in the eastern corner of the urban wall of the Upper Town. Together with the ramparts, it constitutes the best preserved and most homogeneous fortified complex from the Middle Ages in northern France.

Les Remparts
The ramparts delimit the frame of the Upper Town of Boulogne-sur-mer. Brought up in the 13th century by Count Philippe Hurepel, they came to be superimposed on the walls of the Roman military camp.

Le Beffroi : Classified at UNESCO, This former dungeon is the oldest building in Boulogne; 47 meters high, it offers the last vestiges of a first count's residence. Dating from the 12th century it was to be completed by other larger buildings

Nausicaá takes you for a dive into the heart of the Ocean! Nausicaá is much more than an aquarium: it is the largest European site dedicated to discovery and awareness raising for the protection of the marine universe.

Around Boulogne sur Mer

Wimereux, charming seaside resort dedicated to sport

Wissant, family seaside resort


Montreuil sur Mer

Historical and touristic jewel of the Côte d’Opale, cradle of Victor HUGO's “Miserables”, prized for centuries by writers and artists, Montreuil-sur-Mer proudly stands with its pink brick walls, its white stone bell towers and its polychrome residences on the banks of the Canche. A flower-filled city with an exceptional heritage, Montreuil vibrates throughout the year to the rhythm of its many events.

A voir

La citadelle
Built from 1567 on the site of the former royal castle of Philippe Auguste, of which only the two entrance towers remain, the citadel of Montreuil Sur Mer presents 7 century of military architecture.

Les remparts
The ramparts of Montreuil-sur-Mer offer visitors an exceptional set of fortifications. Exceptional because, here the new walls built have only rarely succeeded the old ones.

L'abbatiale Saint-Saulve
The Breton monks of Landevennec, fleeing the Norman invasions, found refuge behind the walls of Montreuil-sur-Mer between 913 and 926. With the help of the count of Montreuil, Helgaud II, they built a monastery patronized by the holy founder of their Breton abbey, Guénolé here called Walloy.

The Hôtel-Dieu was founded at the beginning of the 13th century by Gauthier de Montreuil, site of Maintenay, under the note of Saint Nicolas, protector of the afflicted. In August 1467, the original chapel collapsed like the other churches in the city. The sanctuary was rebuilt and consecrated in 1475 under the talented administration of master Guillaume Poullain.

La Chartreuse de Neuville
In turn, Carthusian monastery, private residence, sanatorium, Belgian hospital and asylum-hospice, 700 years of history irrigate this vast historic monument of 20,000 m2. It is undergoing total renovation with an ambitious and remarkable project.

Le Touquet-Paris Plage

Le Touquet-Paris Plage...

"Chic" city par excellence, it inspires dreams for many reasons. The beauty of the streets of the city center, the immensity of its beach, the wild aspect of its dunes, and the variety of colors of its forest make Touquet a city with many faces.
Le Touquet Paris-Plage is also famous worldwide for the various sporting events it organizes: The best known being the Enduro du Touquet, an event admired but feared by all bikers. Le Touquet also organizes an international car rally, numerous horse-racing events in the gigantic Center Hippique and its racecourse, and has a magnificent golf course with two courses including the famous La Mer course.
As you can see, Le Touquet-Paris plage is a city where you can combine the tranquility and calm of a seaside resort with many luxury hotels, with the bustle of a city hosting many sports and events. cultural events with its brand new Palais des Congrès.
See the Covered Market which is a major building in the urban composition of the seaside resort.

To See

fishing port and the market on the main square.

La Baie de Canche :
480 species of plants and many animals (deer, rabbits, birds by the thousands including the emblematic Belon shelduck ...) as well as seals ... live in harmony in the Baie de Canche nature reserve.

Les dunes de la Baie d'Authie
These narrow Picardy dunes, south of Berck-sur-Mer, represent the old sandy spit of the Arche estuary, now filled in. You will discover a wild landscape marked by erosion, linked to the tidal currents of the northern part of the Authie estuary. The Authie which runs along the famous Abbaye de Valloires which houses a remarkable garden.

Saint Omer

A medieval city with a rich heritage, cobbled streets and lively squares. A city of remarkable monuments such as the Sandelin Museum occupying a magnificent 18th century residence and which invites you on a journey through history and the arts, in three routes containing multiple masterpieces; with opulent homes and an extraordinary garden. From the cathedral to the remains of the Saint-Bertin abbey and the Jesuit chapel, there are many places that recall the city's exceptional past from different periods of history.

A vast marsh shaped by Man since the Middle Ages, made up of fields and market gardens surrounded by canals, small islands on which emerge charming cottages and large ponds with exceptional flora and fauna.

A site on which dozens of homes are still accessible only by boat today and where the school bus service was still carried out only a few decades ago, not by bus but by boat. A huge space a stone's throw from the city and yet one feels like being in the middle of nature. A land to which stress and city bustle have no access, where only the song of birds breaks the silence, where traditions and a taste for a job well done endure.

The story with, located 5 minutes from Saint-Omer, La Coupole which is a secret underground base built in 1943-1944 by the German army. It is on this exceptional site that the fate of Europe could have been played out ... Indeed, it is from there that the launch of the V2 rockets in London was to take place. Today, the Center of History is an astonishing museum that is one of the most impressive remains of World War II. So prepare to be led from the Occupation to the dark side of space conquest!




La Baie de Somme


The Baie de Somme is a jewel, classified among the most beautiful bays in the world.
It is a set of exceptional natural landscapes. Protected, it shelters a wild flora, sea buckthorn, wild rose hips, marmoset ... and a rare wild fauna, waders, geese and other marsh birds even reaching a large colony of sea calves and seals.
Do not hesitate to take a boat trip to discover them as closely as possible.
Otherwise, you can also do it on foot with a guide between Saint Valery and Le Crotoy.

Parc du Marquentere
At the heart of the Baie de Somme Nature Reserve, the Parc du Marquenterre promises you a unique experience. Hidden by lush greenery or observation posts, you walk in silence through dunes, marshes, forests and meadows to encounter extremely diverse flora and fauna. You can also do it on horseback on the famous "Hensons", a breed that was recently reintroduced.

Train touristique de la Baie de Somme 
An authentic steam train that will take you along the Baie de Somme, to do at sunset.


Saint Valery sur Somme 

Its strategic position on a limestone promontory facing the Baie de Somme has given Saint-Valery-sur-Somme a rich and eventful history. William the Conqueror and Joan of Arc went through the medieval city.
Take the time to discover the medieval city, the remains of the ramparts, the Guillaume towers or the Saint Martin church and its ex-votos. Then you will then take the small cobbled and flowery streets for their pretty shops or simply stroll on the quays. Go down through the sailors' quarter and its charming colored houses.

A voir

Le Cap Hornu
La Pointe du Hourdel


Le Crotoy

North of the bay, take the scenic road towards Le Crotoy. We can see the emblematic silhouette of the two red and white turrets.
In the 17th century, Le Crotoy was one of the most important fishing ports in the Channel. The activity is now in decline due in particular to the silting up of the bay but the resort retains the charm of a small fishing port with in particular a few grasshoppers moored for shrimp fishing.
Fishermen's houses mingle with holiday homes. The long sandy beach is the only beach in the north facing south.






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