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Visits, monuments... on the Opal Coast

Montreuil sur Mer

The historical and tourist jewel in the crown of the Opale Coast, birthplace of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables and prized by authors and artists for centuries, Montreuil-sur-Mer proudly shows off its pink brick fortifications, its white stone bell towers and its multicoloured houses on the banks of the River Canche.

A certified ‘town in bloom’ with its own exceptional heritage, Montreuil plays host to numerous events and demonstrations every year.

Worth seeing

The citadel
Construction of the citadel of Montreuil-sur-Mer was begun in 1567 on the site of the former royal château of Philippe Auguste, of which only the two entry towers remain, and the citadel displays evidence of 7 centuries of military architecture.
Esplanade Vauban

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The ramparts
The ramparts of Montreuil-sur-Mer give visitors an exceptional view of the fortifications. This view is exceptional because the new fortifications constructed only rarely replace the former ones.

St. Saulve Abbey
The Breton monks of Landevennec, fleeing the Norman invasions, found refuge behind the walls of Montreuil-sur-Mer between 913 and 926.  With the help of the Comte de Montreuil, Helgaud II, they built a monastery to the patron saint of their Breton abbey, Guénolé, who is here known as Walloy.

The Hôtel-Dieu
The Hôtel-Dieu was founded at the start of the 18th Century by Gauthier de Montreuil on the site of Maintenay, under the blessing of St. Nicolas, protector of the afflicted. In August 1467, the primitive chapel collapsed, as did the other churches in the town.
The sanctuary was rebuilt and consecrated in 1475, under the talented aegis of master builder Guillaume Poullain.


Boulogne sur Mer

From the naval base to the seaside resort, the history of Boulogne-sur-Mer is closely linked to that of neighbouring England.
From the fortified town on the seafront, the town shows off the monuments and urban structures forming part of its heritage, which bears witness to 2,000 years of history.
Capital of the Opale Cost, where the horizon sets on the white cliffs of Dover, life in the City of the Sea is punctuated by parties, events and traditions born from its natural and historical heritage.

Worth seeing

Notre Dame Cathedral
An eclectic work dating from the 19th Century, Boulogne Cathedral was rebuilt on the ruins of the former Roman and Gothic building that was destroyed under the Directory. Its dome and its cupola make Notre Dame de Boulogne a colossal monument that dominates the town. The interior houses valuable pieces of furniture, including a high altar that is a masterpiece of Italian mosaic work.

Cathedral - Rue de Lille
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Château Comtal
Built in the 13th Century by Philippe Hurepel, the château is located at the eastern side of the Upper Town’s boundaries. Together with its ramparts, it constitutes the most well-preserved and the most homogenous fortified construction from the Middle Ages in the North of France.

The Ramparts
These mark out the boundary of the Upper Town of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Erected in the 13th Century by Comte Philippe Hurepel, they were laid over the top of the boundaries of the Roman military camp on the site.

The Belfry: listed by UNESCO
This former dungeon is the oldest building in Boulogne; it is 47 metres high and illustrates the last remaining vestiges of an early residence of a French comte. Dating from the 12th Century, it was originally intended to be completed by other, larger buildings.


Le Touquet-Paris plage

Le Touquet-Paris plage is a town that forms the stuff of dreams for several reasons. The beauty of the streets in the town centre, its vast beach, its wild-looking dunes and the kaleidoscopic palette of colours found in its forest make Le Touquet a town with many different faces. The town of Le Touquet is also world-famous for the different international sporting events organised there.

The most famous of these is the Le Touquet Enduro, a prestigious but formidable motorbike race. Le Touquet also organises a Rally as well as numerous horse races in its hippodrome, and has an exceptional golf course in a breathtaking setting.

As you might imagine, Le Touquet-Paris plage is a town that combines the peace and tranquillity of a seaside resort dotted with a selection of luxury hotels with the bustle of a town that plays host to a wide range of events.

Worth seeing

The Covered Market
This building forms a major part of the architectural landscape of the seaside resort.

But also...

The Maison de la Faïence
The Maison de la Faïence showcases some of the finest pieces from the Faïence de Desvres porcelain workshop. An audiovisual exhibition illustrates how this art has evolved over the centuries.

Rue Jean Macé
Tel.: +33 3 21 83 23 23

The Fort of Alprech
The site of Alprech has been a strategic defence post and a watchtower since ancient times. From 1842 onwards it housed a beacon that was to remain in place until the Second World War.

Tel.: +33 3 21 31 45 93

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