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Lille Métropole Golf Club


The principle of communicating vessels was fully applied in the development of this latest addition to Nord-Pas de Calais' golf courses. The public Lille-Métropole course was set down in the midst of the vast conurbation of the Nord region and occupies the site of a former chalk quarry. For landfill, the locally born architect Jean-Claude Cornillot used earth recovered during the construction of the enormous Euralille complex situated just a few
kilometres… 2 million cubic metres of earth! So do not expect to find a wooded course!
On the contrary, at the earliest stages of planning, it was decided that the course would be practically free of vegetation. With tracts of undisguisedly undulating terrain separating its fairways from each other, one can easily get the impression that one is playing on British-type links.
Distinct impressions of sharp relief are somewhat rare, being afford by the tee at the 5th hole—a downhill par 3, and the "bluff" that borders the 18th (another par 3), which overlooks a quarry at the bottom of which sits an immense practice green, an indispensable tool for a course that attracts many beginners and perfectly fulfils its initiatory role.
But do not think that Lille-Métropole Golf Club is the ideal place to improve one's handicap: on many par-4 and 5 holes, once the first stroke has been played, hillocks appear as if out of nowhere, masking the final objective, and the greens are often well defended by bunkers,
as is the case on the par-4 15th, baptised "Verdun" by regulars (set on a plateau,
it offers a narrow "window" and the fairway is dotted with craters). At sunset, the view is magnificent although the opinion of the player trying to come to grips with a delicate shot may be different…
Beware too of the westerly wind, which is often present and tends to modify trajectories.
Lille-Métropole Golf Club has, now,a nine practice holes, and the three last holes of the « true » course will open in june 2006.

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